Plug some templating utilities

If you are already familiar with templating engines like Jinja or Twig, you might want to use some utility functions from within your templates (for example to capitalize some text, or to check for some value's nullity).

As ssgo aims to be really minimalistic, it does not provide such functions in templates out of the box. However, as ssgo allows you to call any JavaScript (or TS) code from within your templates, you can easily plug all the utility functions you need to your template by simply giving it to buildPage context.

For example, try to simply give the lodash library to your build context:

// my-creator.ts
import lodash from ""

export default (buildPage) => {
      foobar: maybeSomeNullishData,
      _: lodash, // making lodash available from within my template
    { filename: "my-page.html" }

Now you'll be able to use it from within your template:

<!-- my-template.html -->

<div if="!_.isNil(foobar)">{{ _.capitalize(foobar) }}</div>

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