This documentation website is actually built using ssgo and is a good example of what it is capable of. You can check the sources here.

ssgo is a static site generator.

It aims to be simple and easy to start working with. After installing it, here's what you would want to do:

Initialize a ssgo project

mkdir my-project
cd my-project

ssgo init

This will initialize a project in the current directory by creating the four main directories used by ssgo: templates/, creators/, components/ and static/. If some of this directories already exists, ssgo won't touch them.

Build the site

As ssgo automatically creates a default creator, template and stylesheet, you can already build the site:


Your site will be built inside of the dist directory.

Start development mode

ssgo also allows you to build your site in development mode, enabling a file watcher on your project to re-build only what needs to be re-build upon changes:

ssgo dev

ssgo dev also locally serves the dist/ directory over http://localhost:5580.

How does it work ?

Here's a little schema to help you figure out about how ssgo works:

How ssgo works schema

What now ?

Now that you are up and running, you can learn about the other cool things coming with ssgo like:

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