Here's the reference of the command line interface commands built in ssgo:

ssgo build

Note that the build keyword is optional as running ssgo without specified command will simply trigger a build by default.

Builds the ssgo project of the current directory to the dist/ directory.


ssgo dev

Same as build except ssgo will also spawn a file watcher on your project files to re-build specific parts of the project upon changes. dev will also serve the content of the dist/ directory over http://localhost:5580.


ssgo init

Initializes a ssgo project in the current working directory by creating the needed directories: creators/, templates/, components/, static/. A default creator, template and stylesheet will also be created. init will also create a default .gitignore file and add the dist/ directory inside it.

ssgo init && ls
# .gitignore creators/ templates/ components/ static/

cat .gitignore
# dist/

Note that if some of the directories or files to create already exist, init will let them untouched.

ssgo version

Outputs the current version of ssgo.

ssgo upgrade

Upgrades to the latest ssgo version.

ssgo help

Shows some help about ssgo commands.

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